New visual connections with archived works.

EachOther by Laurie Hernandez is a visual dialogue between artists who may never have had the chance to encounter each other’s work. Laurie’s process is led by intuition, allowing a free-flowing conversation, an exploration of shape and shadow, and a cabinet of curiosities.  

Organizing photographs into a series of diptychs, the viewer is asked to question how we see what we see. EachOther is a confluence and combination of spontaneity that creates lines of symmetry between the classic and the contemporary. A theme of biomimicry abounds, looking to nature and environmental systems, bringing awareness to endangered species and lands. Laurie cares deeply about the environment and considers the work of art in relation to the natural world. Through words and images of aesthetic value, she depicts the beauty and humanity of life and nature. It is a work of inspiration, a proof of creativity.

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